thread1 [ θred ] noun **
▸ 1 used for sewing
▸ 2 line around screw
▸ 3 long line of something
▸ 4 idea that connects
▸ 5 series of messages
▸ 6 very small amount/level
▸ 7 clothes
1. ) count or uncount a long thin fiber used for sewing pieces of cloth together or for weaving:
cotton/silk/nylon thread
You need a longer piece of thread.
a ) a long thin fiber or piece of something:
a caterpillar dangling by a silken thread
2. ) count the raised line that curves around a screw or the inside of the cover of a container
3. ) count a long thin line of something:
thread of: A silvery thread of water cut through the forest.
4. ) count an idea or condition that exists in all the different parts of something and connects them:
a common/connecting thread: There is a common thread running through all the problems.
5. ) count COMPUTING a series of messages on a MESSAGE BOARD
6. ) count thread of LITERARY a very small amount or level of something:
Her voice was a whisper, a thin thread of sound.
7. ) threads plural INFORMAL OLD-FASHIONED clothes
hang by a thread
to be in great danger of death or failure:
His son's life was hanging by a thread.
lose the thread
1. ) to stop concentrating so that you do not understand what someone is saying:
More than once she lost the thread and had to ask them to speak more slowly.
2. ) to stop concentrating and forget what you intended to say next
pick up/take up the threads
to start doing something again that you had stopped doing:
I picked up the threads of ordinary life again.
thread 2 [ θred ] verb transitive
1. ) to put something long and thin through a hole or space:
Thread the rope through the rings and tie firmly.
a ) thread your fingers through something to push your fingers through something, especially hair
b ) thread a needle to put a piece of THREAD through a needle
2. ) to connect objects by putting a THREAD through them:
Jack was threading popcorn to hang on the tree.
thread your way around/through/between etc.
to move carefully through a place, avoiding people or things that are in your way:
She threaded her way through the narrow alleys.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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